Home offices are becoming quite popular these days. It allows you to make your own schedule and enhance your productivity. Besides, there’s no more getting stuck in traffic jams. You get to save on gas money and office suits, and the flexibility gets you more time with your family as a bonus. If you are going to have a home office, you should make sure the space enhances your productivity and efficiency as much as it can. Make it a place you’d be comfortable working in for extended periods of time, give it a touch of professionalism. Here are some great ideas for your home office;

Select an ideal location in the house

You don’t have to squeeze yourself in a poorly-lit basement because the guest room has to remain that- a guest room. You are likely to be spending your whole day locked up inside your office. If you are the kind that can’t work with distractions, don’t get the room with the window facing the road. Traffic will always be taking up your attention. Any room near the children’s room or the kitchen is also a no-no. If your clients might be dropping by, get a room that can accommodate a couch or a few extra chairs. Get the room temperature right. If you do not have an air conditioning unit, consider getting one and call an HVAC professional like the ones at The system can keep the room temperature at a comfortable level and help increase your work productivity.

Make use of vertical space

The fact is that you don’t have much horizontal space. So you better make use of the vertical space available. Use wall shelves to store papers and equipment so that you have some free space on your desk. If you like keeping things in a pile, get a basket or a cupboard to keep your papers and files. You can designate a drawer to important and to-do files.

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The furniture should serve the purpose

The furniture you purchase for your home office should be able to work for your workflow. Consider what items you will need mostly and tailor your shelves and desk to your needs. Go for furniture that is both functional and inspire beauty. Invest in a comfortable chair too. Instead of contrasting the rest of the rooms in the house, find something that complements them and doesn’t make you feel you are in a different world when you step into your office.

Organize your electronic equipment

Keep your electronics near outlets for easy access during unplugging. If cords have to be on the desk, consider covering them in beautiful covers and use a cap to hide them through a hole on the desk. Instead of leaving them in a jungle on the floor, use cord winders, tubes or wire organizers to keep them attached to the desk.

Get your favorite colors

In a conventional office, you have your boss and colleagues to push you to work. At home, you have yourself. Paint the walls in a color that gets you in the mood to be productive. Colors subconsciously affect your mood.

Ensure you have a beautiful view

When you finally get your eyes off your computer screen, have something inspiring to look at. Blank walls, even if in your favorite colors, can be off putting. While a view of nature is ideal, a framed picture of your family on the wall above the desk can work. You can also consider getting a beautiful piece of art for your office wall.

Robert Darnell

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