5 jobs of the future that your kids and grandkids could end up doing

5 jobs of the future that your kids and grandkids could end up doing

Short of jumping in a time machine and whizzing off to the 2030s, it’s impossible to predict what is going to happen in the future. After all, we’re still waiting for the self-tying shoe laces and flying cars that Back To The Future promised us all those years ago.

That makes it difficult when advising our kids and grandkids what skills they will need in the future. How can we tell them that one set of skills such as mathematics will guarantee them a highly paid job in 10 years’ time, when we don’t actually know that it won’t all be handled by computers?

Thankfully, there are at least a couple of skills that we know are going to be needed in the future because there are a set of jobs that are definitely going to be needed in the future. Here are five jobs of the future that your kids and grandkids could well end up doing.


As the baby boomer generation enter old age and life expectancy increases, we are suddenly going to be confronted with an aged population who need looking after. That means a lot more carers are going to needed to cope and help the huge numbers of elderly people, whether they be in care homes or needing looking after in their own properties.

Waste data handler

Forget physical waste that goes out in the trash, as more and more of our lives are transferred online, we’re going to need waste data handlers to safely dispose of our data waste. It is already nearly impossible to erase yourself from the internet and the task is only going to get harder without the guidance of an expert who can help you get permanently rid of all your data.

HVAC Engineer

Global warming and climate change mean that the world is only going to get more unpredictable when it comes to weather, meaning a HVAC Company in Ormond Beach, FL, as well as many others, will be needed for homes everywhere. Whether the weather is becoming increasingly warm, and you’re in need of air conditioning, or if the weather is a little chilly and you need heating – HVAC engineers are needed all year round. Getting into the profession and working for a company such as energyprohvac.com/services/cooling/, will mean you are never out of work. With a career like this, no working day would be the same. That, in turn, means that we will want ever-greater control over the temperature and conditions of our homes, workplaces, and vehicles. This is great news for HVAC companies like AirMax and also means the demand for HVAC Engineers who look after heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units will continue to rise, making it one of the jobs that we can almost guarantee is going to be around in a decade, something reflected in the number of HVAC training schools out there – use this link to Find HVAC Schools.

Body part maker

We’ve already got some pretty advanced prosthetics available to those missing limbs through accident or injury, but as science and medicine continues to jump forward, eventually we might be able to grow actual replacement body parts for people, making a body part maker something that doesn’t just exist in a horror movie.

Vertical farmer

Milking cows and ploughing fields might not seem like one of the obvious jobs to escape the technological revolution, but we as a species are still going to need to eat. The farming of the future will be more akin to science than the manual labor we associate it with today, with crops being grown upwards – hence the term vertical farming – rather than across flat fields to reduce the space they take up and open up millions of acres of land previously reserved for farming for other activities.

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