Why You Should Visit the Golden Coast in Woolacombe

Why You Should Visit the Golden Coast in Woolacombe

So, do you want a one-of-a-kind holiday that keeps you and the whole family happy from start to finish? Look no further than the Golden Coast in Woolacombe.

Besides Woolacombe’s jaw-dropping beach and eye-catching environment, the Golden Coast Park provides holiday goers with a multitude of options that are sure to make every holiday unforgettable.

Let’s get into what you can expect from your visit to the golden sands holiday park Devon is known for.

1: Four Pool Options

Woolacombe’s beach is a marvel to look at and exciting to swim in, but sometimes, you just want to walk out of your room and take a dip in a calm, isolated pool of clean water. At the Golden Coast, you can do that with four pool options to choose from. The pools include exciting features such as slides and splash zones for kids, too.

2: Eye-Catching Landscaping

The Golden Coast Park is large, open, and full of natural greenery. To ensure every guest has a pleasant experience, the entirety of the park’s natural features are well-groomed and landscaped to make them not only easy to navigate, but also a bit of eye candy you’ll never get tired of.

3: Sports and Family Fun

Part of the park’s charm is that it has more than enough activities to keep guest groups of all sizes happy all day long. This includes various sports options such as bowling, fishing, simulated surfing, rope courses, and more.

These activities are perfect for everyone from vacationing couples abroad to UK families just trying to escape for a weekend of fun and bonding.

4: Night-Time Fun for Adults

When the kids are asleep, the sun has gone down, and you’re looking to unwind, the park has a little something special just for you. The park includes its pub; complete with pub food, drinks, and entertainment to let adults unwind after a long and exciting day in Woolacombe.

5: A Short Ride to the Beach

The Golden Coast park is closest to the Woolacombe beach in Devon, and it only takes a few minutes of driving to unload the family, pitch a beach umbrella, and settle in for a day swimming in the waves.

Woolacombe beach is one of the finest in the UK, with its sandy beaches, clean water, and plenty of nearby businesses and facilities to keep you from having to head home early.

6: Accommodations for Everyone

The Golden Coast doesn’t just cater to one demographic. There are accommodations available for groups of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to take your significant other out for an intimate getaway or take the whole family out for a bit of bonding time, Golden Coast Park can accommodate your needs.

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