Write for Our Lifestyle Blog | Submit your Guest Post

Write for Our Lifestyle Blog | Submit your Guest Post


    Writing has become a passion of mine over the years, so I would love to provide a forum for people like me who want to discuss their retirement or offer advice to my readers.
    Whether you are loving or hating retirement, have industry advice you’d like to pass on or want to air an opinion online, please don’t hesitate to submit a guest blog to the Grey Wanderer.

    I don’t have a degree and I’ve never been published – and you don’t have to have either of those things either. I just want to read and publish great articles that suit the tone of my website, offering different opinions and perspectives on top of my own.

    English is my mother tongue – so please only submit blogs written to a high standard of English. Don’t forget to add a snappy title, too – because I want to drive as many people as possible to the blog. So think about what you would like to read.

    Whatever your age, if you think you have a great guest article for the Grey Wanderer, please feel free to drop me a message with your pitch so you can become a contributor. I can’t wait to read it.

    Guest Post Topic Examples:

    1. Retirement
    2. Holiday Guides for Retirement
    3. Finances
    4. Travel
    5. Business
    6. Relationships
    7. Fashion
    8. Health & Wellbeing
    9. Fitness
    10. Family