Everything You Need to Know About Locked Out Room Games

Everything You Need to Know About Locked Out Room Games

Escape games were first introduced in 2004 by the Japanese video game called Crimson Room. Three years after, a Japanese gaming company adapted the concept and created a live version of the game. SCRAP’s founder, Takao Kato aimed to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game. He wanted players to play in a themed room where they needed to solve puzzles in order to escape. Quickly, it gained traction in the Japanese market. Soon enough, its popularity extended to several countries in Asia and Europe.

The game also made it big in the UK market. The craze continues today. In fact, there are hundreds of live locked-out rooms in the country. You can find examples such as Omescape the room games that will bring out your inner detective skills.

The mechanics of the games

The goal of the game is different in Asia and Europe. In Asia, players are focused on competing with other players, so they strive to complete the puzzles and challenges as quickly as possible. In Europe, players are more keen on immersing themselves with the environment and the scenario. Nevertheless, regardless of where the escape game is located, the rule stays the same. You have an hour to escape the room. There are plenty of puzzles and mental games and their level of difficulty varies.

Puzzles and locks galore!

The best part about locked-out games is the puzzles and challenges you have to complete within a short time frame. If you are fond of solving puzzles, analysing shapes, figuring out how to open weird-looking locks, then you will surely have fun in an escape room. You will surely spend time looking for hidden keys, locating the next clues and planning how to get out of the situation effectively.

Pick a scenario you want

Nowadays, there are many companies such as Paranoia Quest that offer live escape room games, which means that you have an extensive selection of scenarios to choose from. For example, if you are fond of cats, there are feline-themed escape rooms. You will be given cat-inspired puzzles to solve so you can get out safe and sound. You can also pick a scenario depending on the level of difficulty or the number of players required. There are so many options to choose from, so you can surely find a room that will satisfy your demands.

Book a game online

Some companies offer walk-ins while others only entertain online bookings. Before you go to the escape room location, make sure that you check if you need to book your session ahead of time. Usually, you will have to pay a small down payment, then you can settle the rest of the cost when you arrive on the day. It’s best to book your appointment ahead of time so you don’t end up waiting in a long queue.

Have you tried any other type of escape room in your area? How was your experience? We bet it was exhilarating. Thanks to the growing demand for such games, you can definitely expect more companies to open their own lock-out games in the UK.


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