Why a Boutique Serviced Apartment is Best When You Want Things Quiet

Why a Boutique Serviced Apartment is Best When You Want Things Quiet

Whether you’re heading on a beach break or taking a cruise, you want your accommodation to be quiet when your head hits the pillow each night, and it’s always nice to have things pleasantly peaceful throughout the day. If you’re looking for accommodation in Bristol, you need to be particularly careful. After all, this is a thriving city, and plenty of areas will be a little noisy, even well into the night.

If quiet days and nights are at the top of your priorities list, here’s a few reasons why you should look for one of Bristol’s boutique serviced apartments.

Fewer Guests

Hotels tend to contain as many rooms as possible – they work towards quantity rather than quality. That means rooms will be placed back-to-back, and hotels often have hundreds of people staying each night. Even cheaper serviced apartment blocks contain accommodation for dozens and dozens. A boutique serviced apartment is different. There should only be a few apartments in your block. With far fewer people moving around, you should enjoy a quiet stay.

Larger Living Areas

One of the best things about staying in a boutique serviced apartment is having plenty of space to spread out and relax. That doesn’t just keep you from feeling claustrophobic – it also means you’ll enjoy a quieter stay. When small hotel rooms are positioned right next to each other, sound travels through the walls more easily.

Older Buildings

Bristol is home to a wide selection of prestigious period buildings, and many of them have been turned into boutique serviced apartments. Those buildings are stunning to behold, and they tend to have much thicker walls than modern buildings, a key factor if you’re after silent nights.

Mature Visitors

Finally, keep in mind that serviced apartments often attract mature visitors and business travellers rather than families with younger children or backpackers looking to stay up all night. Booking one means you’re less likely to wake up to babies crying or radios wailing.

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