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Mobile Tech for Active Folks

One of the reasons that mobile technology is significant is because you can use it on the go. But, one of the problems that occurs when you’re running around with expensive equipment, even if it’s supposed to be mobile in the first place, is that it breaks if you’re not careful. That’s why there’s a whole separate category of rugged mobile technology for people who are active. continue reading


What to Look for in a Great Pair of Rollerblades

Few things blend fashion and athletics quite as a killer pair of rollerblades does. Whether you’re going for a retro chic look straight out of the 50s, looking to evoke the extreme sports craze of the 90s, or simply love to skate, a first-class pair of blades is a must-have item. Of course, there’s quite a bit that goes into selecting a great pair of skates. What styles work best for your overall ensemble? What’s in, what’s out, and what about the quality of the blades themselves? continue reading

Finance Advice

UK pension savings: 40% of the South West failed to save anything during Q4

According to statistics, assembled from Q4 2016 by True Potential Investor, many UK people added nothing to their private pension pots. South West (40%), Northern Ireland (38%) and East/East Anglia (36%) were some of the worst offenders. For more insight into how people of the UK are preparing for retirement, read through the infographic piece below. continue reading


How to Find the Best Deals Online.

Online shopping is the way to go for the present-day shopper and if you are not doing it, then you are missing out on a lot. Shopping from a physical shopping center presents you with the opportunity to scrutinize the products you are about to buy but who has that time anyway? Life and work commitments make it difficult for people to visit a brick and mortar store to buy the items they need but with online shopping, you don’t have to do that anymore. Most stores also support product returns and if you are not satisfied with the items sent to you, you can easily return them for a refund. Impressive isn’t it? Now that you are sold on the idea of online shopping, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get the best deals online. continue reading


Balancing Work and Play: Why it is Important to Take Some Time for Yourself

For working-class, taking a vacation is never easy. Paid off-days are hardly ever enough to plan a real getaway, and the world always seems like it will end if you step out of the office for more than a few hours. But as studies show, not taking time off can do much more harm than good, not only to your well-being but your productivity as well. continue reading