Woven vs. Printed Silk Ties: How to Decide

Woven vs. Printed Silk Ties: How to Decide

Anyone looking for a tie of the highest quality will be attracted to silk, but there are choices to be made even after the type of fabric has been decided upon. In fact, there are two main types of silk tie. Woven ties are the more traditional choice – they are made from various fibres that are woven together to form a pattern. Printed ties are also made from silk, but all fibres are the same colour and are dyed to achieve a pattern.

There really is no correct decision that applies to all tie designs. You simply have to account for your own needs and wants, then balance them against the strengths of each style.

Why Should You Opt for Woven Silk Ties?

The central benefit of a woven silk tie is its texture. Printed ties tend to look slightly flat, while woven ties can incorporate different weave patterns in order to stand out; individual fibres will be more easily discernible, giving the woven silk tie a slightly more respected appearance. Additionally, the finer thread will often feel softer and offer a superior sheen. While woven silk ties cannot take complex designs quite as easily as printed silk ties, they are a good option when you want to create motifs – these will be woven into the fabric, adding to its texture.

Why Should You Opt for Printed Silk Ties?

Printed silk ties are sometimes considered less prestigious than woven silk ties, partially because they tend to be less expensive. However, they do bring a number of compelling advantages. Most importantly, printed ties can incorporate very detailed designs that wouldn’t work well as a weave. You can even choose digitally printed ties instead of the traditional dye printing option to enjoy even finer detailing. Aside from greater creative freedom, printed ties often feel a little more pleasant to wear since the fabric is a lot lighter. This will also mean that they dry a lot faster and take smaller knots more readily.

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