Winter street style: How to wear a tracksuit

Winter street style: How to wear a tracksuit

For a long time, the tracksuit wasn’t a widely loved trend. It seemed as though it had taken so long to recover from the horrendous, garish and often outrageous designs of the Eighties and Nineties that it was lost from the world of contemporary fashion.

But, as you know, the trusty tracksuit has been back for some time now – and it shows no signs of taking another prolonged break at the back of our wardrobes, these days you can even shop the his & hers collection and be matching as a couple. Here are a few tips on how to keep rocking this now essential look.

Mix and/or match

Everyone has their own style, and mixing or matching jackets, tops and bottoms allows you to show your personality. Matching tops and bottoms now suggests a no-fuss, focused attitude to life, while mixing it up a little denotes creativity and a laid-back, easygoing attitude.

However, tracksuits in general do say a great deal about who you are: someone who chooses comfort over dress code and doesn’t need to dress up to stay up-to-date with fashion. The tracksuit wearer is not only relaxed in their own street style but comfortable with themselves, too.


Most contemporary designs seem to follow this trend and give the wearer the cosy fashion fit that they desire. The cut of the modern tracksuit top is a happy medium between snug and loose, providing wearers with warmth, freedom of movement, and enough room to wear a t-shirt, vest, or muscle shirt underneath.

Neutral colours are certainly in this winter. Choose from sensible blacks, greys and navy blues, and wear your new top with your choice of tailored jeans or, of course, tracksuit bottoms. From zip-thru fleeced hoodies to classic, crew or funnel necks, the tracksuit top has always been an iconic piece of design, whether in or out of fashion.


You’ll find that most tracksuit bottoms, or joggers, are now a little tighter around the legs, and usually come with an elasticated cuff around the ankle. Visually, this will really work towards defining your legs while also accentuating the width of your chest and the broadness of your shoulders.

This tighter design is one of the areas in which tracksuits have changed in recent years. It is another reflection of the modern tracksuit wearer. Health-conscious, street-style enthusiasts who not only like to lift the odd weight in the gym but also enjoy feeling good, both before and after.

Comfortably versatile

Tracksuits are more functional now than they’ve ever been. No matter what your individual style, you’ll already own clothes that will be wonderfully complemented by a tracksuit top or pair of joggers. It’s not out of the ordinary now to wear a casual shirt with tracksuit bottoms, or smart shorts with a tracksuit top.

The comfort and simplicity of modern tracksuits make them an essential part of your wardrobe this winter. Check out the range of Gym King tracksuits now available. Combining classic looks with contemporary design, tracksuits can give you all the comfort you need during the winter months, and the striking style you want all year round.

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