Why spend more on a Business Class Ticket?

Why spend more on a Business Class Ticket?

We’ve all travelled economy but sometimes we all deserve a bit of luxury, be it splashing out on a nice meal, treating ourselves with a bit of shopping, or even travelling in style. In most cases when travelling economy, we have all had one negative thing or another to say about the experience, be it not enough leg room, bad food or being squashed between two people, we have all been there!

Sometimes you just want it all done for you, from opening the doors at the airport to opening the door to your hotel in another part of the world, we don’t want to have to worry about baggage, comfort or a severe lack of sleep whilst in transit, especially when travelling on business!

Affordable business class tickets
Many airlines are now providing business class seats at an affordable price that also include all the extras you would expect when travelling higher than economy. With some deals available as low as £999 to Barbados and New York, it has never been cheaper to travel business class on a budget.

Hassle free transit
Premium airlines have not only got you covered in the air but also on the ground, you airline should be able to create a seamless experience, be it a last-minute dash to the airport or a leisurely journey, Many also provide a chauffeur service from your front door to check-in at the airport, which can also be organised on the other end. The rest of your journey can be enjoyed without a worry, be it travelling for business or for pleasure, you can you can spend your time focusing on what is important to you and not the itinerary on hand.

On the ground
Once checked in and free of your baggage, if you have time you can then relax and enjoy the clubhouse before embarking on your journey. With complimentary spa treatments, great food and drinks, it is the perfect place for to relax and enjoy your time before flying or even finish that last-minute piece of work.

In the sky
While aboard with Virgin airways business class you can enjoy every benefit that comes along with travelling in luxury, not only does the cabin have fully flat beds for you to drift away to sleep in, but also a top-notch dining experience, internet access, a wide variety of entertainment and an onboard bar for you to order yourself a cocktail and chat with the other guests.

Choice of destinations
Business class destinations are some of the most popular and sought-after destinations for both business and pleasure, from the beautiful beach of Miami and the Caribbean to the enchanting city of Delhi, it’s all down to you to decide where your business class journey will take you.

Luxury tailored to you
The best thing about travelling business class is ultimately having your trip tailored to suit your needs, it’s the finer details which really make things different and create that upper-class experience, now with Virgin it’s easier and cheaper than ever to afford luxury.

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