Where are the most blue badge residents in England?

Where are the most blue badge residents in England?

Volkswagen Motability scheme provider Inchcape Volkswagen has found that the South East of England has the most blue badge residents, following a freedom of information request that it sent out to councils.

The request, sent out on August 15th 2016, revealed that there are an estimated 364,116 blue badges currently in operation throughout the South East. This is considerably more the North West (362,294 active blue badges) and the South West (279,251) of the authorities that provided data for the study.

On the other end of the scale, the region with the fewest number of active blue badges at 135,080 can be found in the North East of England.

For a full breakdown of regions, take a look at the following table:

Region Active blue badges
South-East England 364,116
North-West England 362,294
South-West England 279,251*
Northern England 241,810**
London 236,885***
East Anglia 226,924****
East Midlands 158,547*****
West Midlands 144,837******
North-East England 135,080

Table key:

*Does not include data from Torbay. **Does not include data from North Lincolnshire.

***Does not include data from Hounslow. ****Does not include data from Norfolk.

*****Does not include data from Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

******Does not include data from Stoke and Worcestershire.


The South East of England also holds the feat of having the district with the most blue badges currently in operation, with 71,737 badges active in Kent. The Isles of Sicily, meanwhile, has the lowest number of active blue badges at just 42, though this shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you realise that the archipelago off the Cornish coast has a land area of just 16.37km2.

For more facts and figures regarding the number of blue badges in operation throughout England, click here to download the entire factsheet, provided by Volkswagen Motability scheme provider, Inchcape Volkswagen. It also contains information about how many disabled bays can be found at car parks in each authority, as well as the number of PCNs which were issued to those who illegally parked in disabled bays in the 12 months leading up to the FOI request being sent out.

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