Top 10 Coffee Shops with Wi-Fi In Rome

Top 10 Coffee Shops with Wi-Fi In Rome

A good café with an ambient vibe and complimentary Wi-Fi is all that a traveler needs these days. Whether you have to take care of your business, job or upload your best travel moments to social media or edit videos or pictures, taking your phone or laptop to a café connected with Wi-Fi is a good choice. Thankfully, Rome has plenty of such options.

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Ex Circus

The name of the place is enough to tell you what you are in for. Ex Circus is a beautifully designed, colorful and quirky space that provides you a striking contrast from the historic sites in Rome. If you want something warm, cozy and inviting, this is the right place for you. The coffee here is delicious and the café serves an array of scrumptious homemade cakes that you would love. The café provides users numerous power points so you can charge your device while working. If you want to engage in group meetings, you get a separate space for that too.


The AntiCafe may not be for the business traveler. However, if you like to have some fun and relive your student days, this is the right choice for you. The Roman student population and its growing number of online workers love to spend their time here. The AntiCafe charges you by the hour which means that you can buy time instead of food here. The drinks, food, internet, charging and even using the in-house printers is non-chargeable. The first hour costs only 4 euros and then you pay 3 euros for each hour spent after that. The best thing about AntiCafe is that it keeps hosting numerous events like web programming courses, language classes and even networking events for people.

Barnum Café

Barnum is one of the best places in town for those who like stylish and cool places. The interiors are lit very dimly. It is not the best place to work on an office presentation but if you want to work on that next novel or blog and need peace and quiet, this is the right place for you. The couches are very laidback and the furniture is mismatched, giving it very youthful and peppy vibes. The place itself is named about the Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum who is the founder of Barnum and Bailey Circus. The ambience is filled with Barnum references and you get an amazing menu too. The best part about their menu is their selection of pastries. The cocktail menu is also very good here.

Bar del Fico

This restaurant has the most delectable menu and a wide variety of drinks as well. It remains a restaurant by the day and bar by the night, calling some of the most interesting and enthusiastic locals and tourists from all over Rome. This is a great place to come during the early mornings as well, because it is so beautiful and convenient. The ambience is inviting and warm and you don’t have to move too far away from the city center as well.

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