Tips to Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts

Tips to Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts

You’ll find it hard to source a metal which doesn’t corrode after a certain period of time, especially if left exposed and unprotected. Metal components suffer from rust and corrosion, if they haven’t been treated, they’ll soon become defective threatening the structural integrity of the item. The metal will start to crack and in time become useless. Here are some tips to help prevent corrosion. However, on an industrial scale, preventing metal corrosion might be achieved more efficiently by employing one of the many metal heat treating services operating across many parts of the world.

Be it steel or any other metal, surface preparation or pre-cleaning is the first stage of treating the surface to prevent corrosion over the course. When defects or contaminants are removed and the surface is properly cleaned with abrasive blasting, power tool cleaning or steel surface preparation, coating adhesion tends to be easier, resulting in improved performance.

What Causes Metal Corrosion?

To effectively treat your metal components and prevent hydrogen embrittlement, you must first understand what causes metal to corrode and rust. When metal is exposed to numerous elements such as moisture and chemicals, they enter the fabric of the metal and begin to decay the building blocks of the structure. Although it can be difficult to prevent, it can be slowed down and stopped for a long period.

When metal components begin to corrode, they start to lose their visual appeal. They also become weaker and are more susceptible to damage. Certain types of metal react differently to their environment. For example, moisture has a major impact on iron tools or other parts made from this substance, it causes iron to rust when overly exposed to damp environments.

Avoid Second-rate Antiquing & Metal Blackening

Changing the colour of any metal component can cause problems with the structure, if it hasn’t been properly treated, hydrogen embrittlement can occur, causing the metal to become weak and vulnerable to corrosion or rust. A lot of companies choose to use blacking procedures to change the colour of their products, if this process isn’t done correctly, they risk affecting the items structural integrity.

If you want the job done right, it is important to use a company who has years of experience with antiquing and metal blackening. There are some first-class organisations based in Surrey and other locations in the Midlands that can provide an outstanding service when dealing with your products. They understand the dangers of substandard services, so they offer procedures that prevent hydrogen embrittlement. When they carry out metal blacking and antiquing, they use solutions that improve the surface of the metal, not only making it look good, but also increasing its protection. These solutions provide additional resistance and help to combat against corrosion.

Consider the Environment

There are other ways to stop metal components from corroding. Once you’ve applied a protective solution, you should keep metal parts stored in a moisture free, safe environment. It is vitally important to store metal in a dry area, this reduces the risk of corrosion. If you plan on storing them for an extend period, you must be able to manipulate the environment and keep them well-maintained. Regulating the level of gases like oxygen and sulphur is key to stopping corrosion.

There are several ways to combat metal corrosion, the most effective is to have your metal components treated with a high-quality solution. If you’re having them blackened or antiqued, you should have this procedure carried about by an experienced company. Store metal in a dry area and control the environment to diminish the risk of corrosion.

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