Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Country Home

Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Country Home

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, especially when you live in the country. One of its major drawbacks are the pests. Fall is the best time of the year for ladybugs, mice, and spiders.

When you live deep in the rural parts of the world, the good and bad of nature can invade your home, and they won’t leave until they are forcibly removed, either by pest control experts at terminix, or through other methods that you can try yourself. So, it’s good to know that there are a few useful remedies for warding off these crazy critters. Take a second, and check out these simple suggestions for winning the battle against these unwanted invaders.

Sprays and such

When it comes to warding off pests, it may possibly be quicker to grab a high quality spray or repellent off the digital shelves. There are plenty of insect-repelling sprays that are not terrible for the environment.

You simply have to research the product a bit before purchasing, especially if you have small children or animals in your home. You can also whip up your own bug spray with a load of natural ingredients with garlic and citrus peels.

Maintaining a tidy environment goes a long way

Though even a spotless home may fall victim to a pest invasion, it sure does help to keep the bugs away. Keeping your home clean makes it much more challenging for mice, roaches, and other pests to find sustenance.

If they have nothing to eat, then they are far less likely to find your home to be an appealing environment. Smells and crumb trails equal a welcoming space for bugs and critters. Excess dust makes your home comfortable for moths, and unvacuumed carpets are a haven for fleas and mites.

The power of the spice

Unbeknownst to many, cinnamon is one of the most powerful spices gifted to mankind. Not only does it carry numerous health benefits, but it smells and tastes delicious. The appeal is not shared when considering household pests.

Sprinkle cinnamon across entryways and window ledges, and it will act as a border for the bugs. They will not cross the cinnamon, because it will snuff them out. Just as humans can asphyxiate on the powder, so do pests.

Herbs are nature’s self-made tool for prevention

Another great way to form a shield of protection around your country home is to line your doors and windows with fragrant herb plants. There are a whole slew of herbs from which to choose, but catnip, lemongrass, garlic, mint, and basil are a good way to start.

Not only do the plants offer numerous health benefits, they taste delicious, smell delicious, and look beautiful scattered around the home. Keeping plants in your home is also a great way to filter your indoor air.

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