Things to Do on Your Next Bali Vacation

Things to Do on Your Next Bali Vacation

The best way to explore Bali is by walking in the rice terraces. Rice fields are usually the first sites you will come upon in Bali and will give an idea of what life was like in Bali thousands of years ago. Most tourists who go to Bali will also take a walk along these rice terraces and will be able to see some of the more traditional Bali village areas that aren’t open to visitors. Here are some things you should keep in mind while you’re walking in the rice fields in Bali:

* This area has beautiful rice terraces with small wooden dwellings built on top of them, called belimbing. Many visitors stay in belimbing and use it as a base to explore the nearby villages. If you want to have a unique experience staying in an authentic Belimbing home, try staying in one of the small, wooden houses in the coffee fields below.

* Water is everywhere in Bali and one of the best ways to enjoy this water is by visiting the rice fields and drinking delicious Bali coffee in your villa. Some of the best Java in the world can be found in Bali. While you are visiting the rice fields, make sure you try out the famous Balinese coffee known as ‘Babi Guling’. This delicious coffee is made by brewing strong, sweetened coffee beans in a clay pot and adding sugar to the top of the coffee. You will then steep the beans in the boiling water for around 20 minutes to achieve the perfect cup of Java.

* Don’t forget that nature is also an important part of your Bali visit and one of the best ways to enjoy this is by exploring the rain forest. While you might want to spend most of your time exploring the natural beauty of Bali, you might also want to spend a day or two exploring the rain forests near the areas where you stay in Bali. These rain forest trips are not as easy as you might think as there are a number of risks involved such as poisonous snakes and dangerous bees that you might not know exist in the wild. However, if you are able to negotiate your way through these encounters successfully, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. One of the best places to explore the rain forest is the Ubud area where you will find a number of small tree-studded villages surrounded by rice fields.

* For those who want to relax, perhaps visiting the serene atmosphere of the serenity known as the rice terraces is the ideal thing to do while you are in Bali. Bali offers visitors the opportunity to sit down under the shade of large trees and gaze at the serene mountain landscapes. Some of the best terrace views in Bali can be seen from the rice fields near Ubud. While you are here, you will also want to visit the secluded hamlet of Tegalalang which can be reached by following a dirt path from Ubud. Tegalalang rice field is the highest point in Bali and it provides breathtaking views of the mountain surrounding and the village below.

* Another exciting activity that you may want to do while you are in Bali is to walk the streets in search of a Bali villa. You will see many Bali villas dotted all over the island and you will see what a thriving tourism industry the island is enjoying because of it. One of the reasons why the villas are so abundant in Bali is because most of them are rented out to tourist groups during their visit to the island. A walk through a Bali villa is like walking through the streets of Bali. There are crowds of people milling around and you will be constantly bombarded by the constant noise of scooters, rickshaws, motorcycles, and other motorbikes. The most amazing part of this is that you can enjoy Bali’s natural beauty and serenity at the same time.

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