The Irresistible Funky Monkey

The Irresistible Funky Monkey

The unconventional name of the game is enough to catch anybody’s attention. Casino players get to try their hand on a game where a musical monkey serves as the host. The developers have been quite generous with its colorful graphics and pleasing design.

Created by Playtech, Funky Monkey online performs better than expectations as few regarded it as another fancy theme for a slot game. Due to the high stakes the game is often criticized but our study found it to be totally different.

The monkey themed slot runs on the most basic mechanics with only one pay line, both online and in real life. The limited pay lines substantially reduce a player’s chance to win a prize which can be a turn off for a lot of casual gamblers. But, the game is quite apt for beginners as it provides a chance for players to understand the ins and outs of gambling industry. The developers have been successful in instilling simplicity through cheesy gimmicks and flashing lights.

With a certified RTP of 96.94 percent the game is better than other 3-reel slots produced by Playtech. The game is not different to a classic slot machine as more coin spins lead to better profits. For a single coin spin, one can win 800 coins as a jackpot while two-coin spin can provide 1600 coins. The bongo drum symbol works as the jackpot character where 100 more coins can be won over the pro rata jackpot if you play three coins for the jackpot which then turns out to be 2500 coins.

There are unique symbols on the three reels of the Funky Monkey like the sun glasses, banana, a hut and 1 Bar, 2 Bar and 3 Bar symbols. One should know that the game does not offer any scatter or bonus symbols on its reels plus there is no wild symbol too. On the other hand, there a no free spins offered in contrast to other slot games designed by the online casino game supplier. Also, there a no bonus games which is against the policy of Playtech and its other productions.

Final words

The game is best suited for those who don’t want to indulge in complex mathematics and overwhelming data. It has been developed for those that only want pass time or enter the wilderness of online casinos. If you are still new to the online slot sphere then Funky Monkey can be a tutor, guide, and mentor in the long run. Remember, easy looking games can be the hardest one to crack.

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