The Best Approach to Career Planning

The Best Approach to Career Planning

As progressive as our approach to life may be and all which comes with modern day life, some good old traditions, habits, etc cannot help but remain. I mean just listen in on the conversations of those parents whose children are young adults who have successfully navigated the college years and are now either in the corporate world or they’re in the searching phase to kick off that next stage of their lives. You’ll hear them speak with a lot of pride when they make reference to some of the most prestigious of these careers their children are entering into: “My child is a doctor…”

There’s a reason why there’s a lot of pride which goes into the reference of some of the most prestigious careers such as operating in the field of medicine, the legal fields, etc. It goes way beyond just being able to subtly boast that you’ve done a great job as a parent. Behind everything which comes with these kinds of careers as a choice which is somewhat “safer” lies in wait a blueprint for what is possibly the best approach to career planning.

I mean sure, things have changed a lot since the days when the most up-standing and highest earning members of the community were indeed doctors and lawyers, etc, but there is something to the residual obsession with these so-called, formerly “safe” career paths. You’re probably still all but guaranteed a job these days if you choose to study something like medicine or law, but it goes a little deeper than that. It’s not about the careers themselves or the specific fields, but rather about what they represent.

We’ll just keep going with the mention of medicine and law as our example – these fields are considered to be “safe” paths to pursue, even in this day and age, simply because of what they represent, which is the possession of the knowledge and skills to fill needs which will probably always exist, for as long as life as we know it today will continue to exist. So my advice to any youngster out there just about to make the most important decision which is set to usher-in the next phase of their life, is that the field of study you choose to pursue is in itself not really important. What is important is the demand which you’ll be able to fill with your skill.

Looking at it this way allows you to focus on a field of study which is closer to your passion, such as how a particular Columbus Family Lawyer might be driven to enter into that specific branch of the legal field because they are passionate about the traditional family structure and want to do their bit to make sure unfortunate events such as a divorce don’t deliver permanent psychological damage to the most important parties involved – the children.

Why do you think they add “or a diploma, degree or relevant certification in a related field” when they list the qualification requirements for a specific job in a specific field?

Robert Darnell

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