The 4 Great Benefits of Being a Truck Driver in Australia

The 4 Great Benefits of Being a Truck Driver in Australia

Many of us go to our jobs every day, but when we go there, we are generally not happy about it. Most of us are stuck in an office all day and if you have a trade, then you are stuck on a building site dealing with the heat or the rain and having to use an outside toilet. There are not many jobs out there that anyone can say they really enjoy doing but there is an exception. This exception is being a truck driver and many truck drivers love their jobs, and for good reason.

It doesn’t matter if you have a heavy rigid licence in Melbourne or a HGV licence because either licence opens up a number of advantages to you. Many businesses now are totally reliant on truck drivers to transport their goods all around the country or to bring their deliveries to them. Without truck drivers in Australia, the country would quickly grind to a halt. These drivers undergo extensive training to be the best that they can be, as they face the many issues that happen on Australia’s motorways and general roads. Many transportation companies also ensure that their drivers are following DOT compliance regulations too by using software that analyzes data to make sure the truck is being driven safely. Additionally, these truck drivers are also asked for police history information during their hiring process. However, conducting background checks in Australia (and especially in New South Wales) is comparatively easier than the rest of the world. With the emergence of agencies like National Crime Check (you can search for police check nsw for more information regarding this), employers can now easily get hold of their employees’ background data and employees can easily obtain their national police check.
Anyway, coming back to the topic, there are many advantages to becoming a truck driver and here are just some of them.

  1. Great Salary – Your class of licence will decide your salary, but if you have a heavy rigid licence or a HGV licence then your salary scale is going to be pretty good. Once you have a number of years job experience behind you and many thousands of miles behind you, then employers are prepared to pay you more for your expert services.
  1. Flexi Working Hours – The advantage to being a truck driver is that you can choose the shifts that you want to do. If you need some time off to attend to family issues during the day, then that can be arranged for you. Similarly, if you want to attend some family events like weddings and engagement parties, then you will need evenings and nights with them. Your boss can allow you to switch shifts with relative ease.
  1. See the Country – You get to travel all around Australia and sometimes to other countries and so you get to see all that beautiful scenery out there for free essentially. Your company is paying you to travel all around the country and you get to save on accommodation as you get to sleep in your bunk. These bunks are surprisingly comfortable and they have all the modern conveniences that you would expect.
  1. Additional Bonuses and Benefits – If you opt to work extra shifts during holiday periods then you will be rewarded for this with additional money which can sometimes be doubled. Extra shifts are always available and it is a great way to get some extra money together to pay for that special holiday, you have been wanting to go on for some time now.

Being a truck driver is a fantastic job that is interesting, pays well and allows you to see around this great country of ours. Look into getting the correct licence today and change your life for the better.

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