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Staying Sober In Drinking Culture

From professional dinners over drinks to the more recent appearance of the “wine mom,” a type of suburban mother who turns to an extra glass of red in the evening to destress, drinking is normalized in contemporary society. It brings people together, helps us relax, and makes for a festive environment. Unfortunately, for those who struggle with alcoholism or are trying to stay sober, mainstream drinking culture can be isolating and painful.

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How to Take the Risk Out of Buying a Used Car

While there is an element of risk in everything we do, buying a second hand car must rank to be up there with extreme sports. If you get it wrong on a skateboard, you are in for some physical pain, while buying a dud second hand car will only hurt your wallet and your pride. There are, however, things one can do to virtually eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of the questionable used car salesman, and if you are about to search for your dream car, here is a very useful guide to safe buying. continue reading