Stylish Truly Masculine Bathroom Décor Ideas

Stylish Truly Masculine Bathroom Décor Ideas

In a world where our significant others tend to take over the entire home-decorating process and fill out our living space with pastel throws and gorgeous statement kitchen cabinets, there is a need for men to finally take a stand. A stand that will empower us to decorate our living environment with colors and amenities that truly speak to our tastes and preferences, but without upsetting the missus in the process.

No matter if you’re living alone or with a significant other, there are plenty of decor ideas you can introduce into your bathroom that will not only portray your manly side, but will also dazzle everyone who ventures inside for the first time. Here are the essential masculine bathroom decor ideas you’ll love.

It all starts with a manly foundation

Hardwood, is there anything manlier, intimate, and warm-looking that can serve as a foundation in a man’s bathroom? No matter if it’s gracing a full-body vanity or if you use a water-proof vinyl material for the floors, wood looks great in any combination. Plus, introducing a foundation in a wooden hue will allow you to set the tone for the rest of the decor.

So instead of going for the traditional tile design, think about how you can introduce that true cabin-in-the-woods feeling to room with wooden elements. Remember that a wooden foundation on the wall presents a great opportunity to hang pictures and photos in various color arrangements as well.

Moving over to the mirror and the vanity

The vanity and the mirror hanging above it are just as important to men as they are essential to their female counterparts. Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning or manscaping for your date in the evening, you not only need plenty of counter space to work with, but the lighting has to be on point as well.

That’s why men need a big vanity with a sturdy marble or stone countertop, and plenty of sink space to shave and trim their facial hair without leaving it all over the bathroom. People are also able to get a vanity at an affordable price if they are using things like Raise coupons to save money on their purchases, this helps so much with things like a bathroom remodel. Furthermore, given the fact that you will be working with shaving cream, a razor and trimmer, some hair gel, and beard balms, all of these necessities need to have their place next to the sink, which is why the added space come in handy. Make sure the light bulbs are positioned all around the mirror so that you can thoroughly inspect every part of your complexion.

Establishing a manly focal point

Every bathroom needs a focal point, and in your case, this will be the bathtub. While it’s always handy to have a shower on standby as well for those quick scrub-down sessions after the gym, you want to think about capacious freestanding bathtubs instead of small traditional models or showers, for those relaxing spa sessions with your significant other or when you simply need to unwind by yourself.

Go for something simplistic and timeless instead of an ornate design in order to keep the overall look as clean and masculine as possible. Remember to complement the design of the focal point with a dark vinyl side table and place a neutral area rug in front of the bathtub to portray that comfortable vibe.

Introducing a spacious and functional shower

Now, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom shouldn’t boast a shower. In fact, sometimes a cool stone shower with all kinds of functional features is what a man needs. So make sure you devote a sizable part of your bathroom for a walk-in shower boasting a double rainfall shower head for you and your significant other.

This way, you won’t have to fight over the water temperature, and you’ll be able to preserve the peace in the household. Another great idea is to add a seating area inside as well, and plenty of corner shelves for your one shampoo/body wash and her assortment of bathing products.

Stone, marble, and glass accents

So what are the other masculine decor materials you should consider implementing into your bathroom design? Well, it’s not colorful tile that’s for sure. Instead, think about stone elements, such as the floor in the shower, dark marble for the countertops, and finish off the shower with a fully transparent glass door.

Instead of bright hues, think about stone or charcoal concrete, dark water-proof vinyl, or even darker tile designs that will imitate that sophisticated look and feel of concrete, but without the price tag. Combine these elements wisely and you have yourself a truly masculine bathroom.

In the end, there is no reason why your significant other shouldn’t fall in love with a different kind of bathroom design. In fact, this manly setting is sure to appeal to everyone that sets foot inside, evoking the feelings of intimacy, passion, and warmth. With these simple decor ideas, go ahead and build yourself a bathroom she never knew she wanted, one that will imbue the household with a much-needed, manly feel.

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