Planet of the Apes Is Back With A Bang

Planet of the Apes Is Back With A Bang

After becoming one of the most popular franchises in the movie world, the Apes have begun their journey in the online slot gaming zone.

NetEnt has come up with a brand new online slot machine and many websites are offering the chance to Play Planet of the Apes for free. The game features action on two sets of the reel simultaneously with ape and human characters as symbols. It also provides special features that will not only attract the younger generation but also please the old school gamblers.

Overall, the game runs on a split screen with Rise of the Planet of the Apes on one and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the other side. The artwork is specifically designed to impress movie lovers with a color scheme necessary to back a revolution-based game. Moreover, the game is also compatible with mobile devices. Thus, touch screen can be used to play the game more easily than ever. Players are allowed to choose number of coin per spins which opens the game for small time gamblers with high rollers. Like many other slots, the game can be played for free to test its performance but putting money will surely increase excitement on the table.

Each of the games includes five reels and 20 pay line of action. Both of them run independently providing their own benefits. You just have to make matches from left to right. In case three symbols match in a row then you become entitled for a win. Apes are the high paying characters with a paying capacity up to 600 coins. The middle part if stuffed with human characters with mediocre award and the lowest paying symbols are the basic card ranks.

Every side of the coin has a wild symbol that can be used against normal coins. One cool aspect of the wild is that it can be transferred to the opposite side of the screen if it covers the entire reel of the original half.

The scatter symbols are also present at every set of reels that provide immediate prizes if you land with three or more of them. Free spins will also be initiated where the Rise portion provides 10 plays and the Dawn portion supports 15 spins. These rise symbols also provide bonuses on every human of ape characters on the screen.

Thus, Planet of the Apes is fun, epic, adventure, and money maker. Play the game before people take advantage of this fantastic slot machine.

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