Making Your Garden More Accessible to Enjoy in Your Golden Years

Making Your Garden More Accessible to Enjoy in Your Golden Years

As a result of all the information we have access to regarding health matters, complemented by the advancements in the field of medicine more of us get to benefit from, people are indeed living longer than they did before.

Being able to enjoy life for longer is a great thing, however ageing does come with its challenges, one of which is finding it a bit more challenging to maintain gardens and outdoor spaces which you’d undoubtedly love to keep enjoying and doing a little work on. We explore some tips for making your garden more accessible to enjoy in your golden years, from the plants growing in it to how furniture from somewhere like can really help to create that relaxing space that you will look forward to spending time in.

Making flowerbeds easier to access

Mobility inevitably becomes limited with age, so you can perhaps start working on raised flowerbeds to make it easier to bend down and reach flowers and the likes. Wheelchair users should consider having their flowerbeds raised by about 18-24 inches off the ground and those for whom bending down is a bit more of a serious struggle, 30-36 inches off the ground would perhaps be more appropriately-raised flower beds.

Making the garden a great space to relax

This is especially true in your golden years, that being that you don’t really want to live out your days worrying too much about how your garden is shaping up. You want it to be a nice outdoor space you can enjoy and relax in, so whenever there might be any minor or even major work to be done, accessing all areas must not be too much of a challenge. Add some outdoor furniture, like a poly outdoor rocking chair, to instantly create the type of inviting feeling you’d want from an interior space such as your family living room, with a favourite cosy spot sure to reveal itself to you in no time.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, try going with those seating arrangements designed to assimilate into the garden and therefore become part of the garden in a rather natural-looking way. In that regard, you can consider installing awnings on your garden porch that can provide stylish and functional shading options to seamlessly blend with the outdoor environment. With strategically placed awnings (look at these Edmonton awning solutions, if interested), you can create a cosy nook within your garden seating area, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while being shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. Flowers embedded around the furniture, complemented by the shade provided by the awnings, can bring you up close and personal with some of the best elements of your garden each time you sit down to enjoy your outdoor space.

Creating accessible Decking

The stable platform for both the old and young alike added by some decking installed in your garden makes it a comfortable space to access and enjoy, but also gives your garden some depth and personality, whatever styling you prefer. To specifically cater to the elderly, low-slip decking is a great option so that maximum grip is offered.

You might feel as if you could do with some extra support for your decking, in which case a hand-rail would do well to provide that much-needed support when getting on and off the decking surface. Railing works well with decking steps as well.

With all of this in mind, a professional who is qualified to do the job should be roped in to make sure all features of your decking are installed safely.

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