Life Is For Living.

Life Is For Living.

The general consensus is that we are living longer due to various improvements in diet and exercise but primarily in medicine. People are now living to be one hundred and fifteen and doctors project that this will rise over the coming years due to the massive advancements in health care. Governments are raising the age of retirement and more people now have to work longer in order to get their full pension. There are some who say it isn’t fair and there are others who say they are happy to work longer. Is retirement a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s find out.

It Might Not Be For You.

Becoming retired means no more getting up early in the morning, not having to stay at work until nine o’clock at night and no more of the boss telling you what to do. But once retired many complain about having nothing to get up to and feeling that something is missing in their lives. Many people love their jobs and the last thing they want to do is to retire. Many of them are made to retire due to government regulations.


However, there are options and while most don’t want to retire completely, quite a few want to continue working but in a smaller capacity. For example a reduction in hours would be ideal, as that leaves time for relaxing as well. Working part-time or doing some freelancing work for your firm allows you to still be a part of something special. It’s all about finding the balance between work and play.

Best Years Of Our Lives.

For many retirees, sixty-five is much too young to retire and they feel there is a little more petrol in the tank. Seventy is the new sixty five and more people who are due for retirement would prefer to work at least another five years, ten, if they can get it. Many feel these are the best years of their lives where they have optimal knowledge about the job that they could pass on to the up and coming young workers. And once they do that, maybe they would like to use their savings and move into an active adult community which gives them the opportunity to go on the best hikes near richmond va! There are so many options they could consider.

What If?

Retiring isn’t about whether or not you have enough money to retire, but it is equally about planning the next part of your life. You need to think about new hobbies and completing that bucket list that you have been putting off for years. What about that helicopter flying experience that you wanted to do or that bungee jump you planned with your wife. That trip to the Seychelles or that Caribbean cruise have been a part of your retirement plan but when you come back, will you want to go back to work and how will you react if there is no work to go back to. After retirement, it’s time to cross items off your bucket list that you’ve been accumulating for years. For example, if you’ve always been an adventurer, you can even try flying spitfires with a dedicated pilot. You might be able to feel the speed and locate places where battles were fought years ago. You may simply go to websites similar to and book a conveyance for yourself. In a nutshell, retiring does not imply that you must sit at home. You can endeavor new hobbies and have thrilling experiences that you may have only seen on television. So, instead of attempting to go back to the same thing again and again, you could go on to try and have brand new experiences, whether it’s traveling, dancing, flying, skydiving, or anything for that matter.

What If I don’t Like It?

So, how much money will you need to retire? If you live for another twenty years after retirement, where’s the money coming for that likely scenario? It’s difficult to know if retirement is for you until you try it, but if you don’t like it, then it’s too late to go back or is it? If unsure take the time to talk to a financial planner so that retirement is a little less scary and a lot more enjoyable.

Robert Darnell

I’m Robert, the Grey Wanderer. After over 50 years in business, it was time for me to hang up my boots and enter the world of retirement. With so much time on my hands I decided to indulge in the two things I love most, writing and travel and so the Grey Wanderer was born.

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