How to Wear Indigo, the Coolest Color You Can Get Right Now

How to Wear Indigo, the Coolest Color You Can Get Right Now

Trends often come and go but style remains. Since we live in an era where instant trends shamelessly take over the fashion world, we must stay faithful to the classics – believe it or not. When it comes to patterns and fabrics, rules don’t apply anymore and fashion lovers simply adore to merge the incompatible. Thank God for that!

On the other hand, when questioning the ‘it’ colors, we couldn’t help but notice one color in particular. This one is widely accepted and praised in the fashion industry and we can’t hide our excitement. It’s an old-fashioned dye extracted from the leaves of a certain plant and is considered to have originated from Asia centuries ago. If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s indigo we’re referring to. Indigo is becoming more and more popular among men’s wear and it’s definitely a major trend alert for the upcoming seasons. If you think only females are obsessing over the latest trends, then you must have bumped your head. Men are also fashion-conscious as they should be. Looking good is not a crime, it’s mandatory in the 21st century! So buckle up dear manly men, here are some tips you might like to note down that have to do with the ‘coolest color’.

Shades of cool

Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing sexier than a tanned man in a simple V-neck T-shirt and Bermuda shorts. If you are bored of wearing basic white tees, then it’s time to refresh your closet with some indigo tones. Whether you go for deeper or lighter ones, both ways are a step in the right direction. These colors perfectly match any shade of brown such as beige, teddy bear, camel, coffee and so on. The list continues and it’s waiting for you to check it out! If you are one of those beach guys that like to keep it simple and comfy, then linen shirts are your go-to. These are ideal for everyday life and romantic beach getaways with your beloved one. And if you like to add some fun personality to your outfit, match your shirt with some fun shorts with prints.

Indigo is the new black

Men in black suits? Hot. Men in deep indigo suits? Smoking hot. It’s 2018 and it’s all about looking classy without having to spend loads of cash. So bow down to the most royal shade of them all. Perfect for every formal occasion, indigo is a real gem. You can always spice up your outfit with a dotted bow tie or simply a tie and a leather belt. The belt should match your shoes and there goes your fire combo! Oh, and a nice watch would be an absolute winner. Just make sure your suit is well-tailored and flatters your manly figure and you’re going to look like God sculpted you himself. Who said you can’t pull it off like Beckham? As for the suit jacket, you can always wear it unpaired with different clothing items such as ripped men’s jeans or skinny jeans.

‘Shoe’ us a favor

Sneakers have been around since forever. While most men would go for the classic whites, we challenge you to be different and opt for the indigo blue suede ones. Basic clothes and these shoes get on like a house on fire! When shopping for special events, leather oxfords or moccasins slay all the way and these are also wearable every day. If you want to keep it casual and effortless, then match these shoes with a blazer in a color of your preference. Loafers are also hot right now so give them a shot.

Winter blues

Winter is far behind but we must not forget to mention several fashion items in different indigo shades that stole our hearts. Inocencia Shrewsbury, for example, has a diverse set that you may not find elsewhere. This includes turtleneck sweaters, cotton sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. Each piece perfectly matches champagne-colored trousers as well as dark gray, black, stone and white colors. If you are into puffer hooded jackets, faux suede jackets or even padded vests and have troubles choosing the right color, guess what? In-di-go and off you go!

So, ready to step up and break some hearts? Embrace these little fashion tips and thank us later!

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