How to make meetings more effective?

How to make meetings more effective?

Business meetings are meant to be a serious and boring affair, especially if your boss talks like a drone. Some people even go to an extent saying that “a meeting is an event in which minutes are kept and hours are lost”. If you too face this issue, then you need to come up with ways to boost the participation and improve the efficiency of a meeting. Check out how you can energise the meeting rooms in Liverpool with these handy tips:

  1. Get your team to participate in the meetings- Every meeting has a particular agenda that directly or indirectly affects the employees in general. Hence, the opinion of every participant matter (irrespective of whether he is an introvert or an extrovert). Have the schedule is available to every employee. Using online tools like the SharePoint calendar (find out more at KWizCom) can make sure that everyone concerned is on board.
  1. How to do it? Whenever you discuss an important point, ask for feedback. If no one comes forward voluntarily, call their names out. Ask them questions? “What’s your opinion on it?” “How can the organisation and employees are on the same wavelength?” It is a sure shot way to boost the energy quotient of the employees.
  1. Brainstorming Session– Most of the people is of the opinion that the meetings are a good alternative to work. To break this run-off-the-mill belief, hold brainstorming sessions consistently.

How to do it? Discuss in brief, the primary purpose of the meeting and ask them to write their opinion of what are the other practical alternatives to discuss the business affairs or what is hampering the business productivity or ask them fresh ideas on how the company could evolve. Once the session is held, ask them to read aloud their opinion. Ideally, it should trigger out a new phase of conversation among the group.

  1. Start with a visual presentation– Research says that almost 90% of the information gets transmitted to the brain quickly through visuals and 40% people respond better to visuals than text. There are several meeting rooms in Liverpool that offer the facility to drive this point. You can also search for a Windows 10 screen recorder that is made available by companies such as Loom to maximize efficiency and to keep projects on track.

How to do it? Start telling a story or show an interesting visual clip or ask them to take part in a quiz or a survey by displaying a controversial statement. You may show the graph of the production department and ask them why even after manufacturing so many items the sales are left behind. Is it because sales head is inadequate or production in-charge is not able to supply goods in time or is it because the workers are not cooperative. Statements like this will unleash the hidden controversies or bone of contention that is hampering the work of staff.

  1. Last but not the least; You can arrange for corporate games and activities to improve cross-team collaboration and encourage team members to come out of their comfort zone. Additionally, you can allocate a separate time for breaks for lunch and dinner. As well as providing refreshments, you can provide snacks for your employees, such as individually wrapped biscuits, chocolates, and pretzels.

Meetings are truly an indispensable part of the business. So, make it interesting, engaging and interactive with these handy tips not only for your employees but you as well.

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