How to Determine the Best Countries to Live in

How to Determine the Best Countries to Live in

For many people, spending a year or more in one country is something they want to do, but not all of them know where to go to find the countries to live in. While there are many options when it comes to exploring which countries to live in for a year or longer, there are only a handful of countries that rank high in terms of their popularity among tourists. So, how does one choose the best country to live in? It all starts by understanding what countries most people want to visit and which ones are the most likely to offer them the things they’re looking for.

Obviously, most people intend long term traveling or working abroad to cost a bundle, and of course, if you choose extremely popular, expensive countries, your money may not really get you very far. However, if you instead select some of the least popular, least expensive countries to live in, and avoid most of the popular, expensive countries, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well you could actually live on a modest salary. That said, while countries such as Australia or New Zealand are certainly among the cheapest countries to live in, the respective costs of living there make it prohibitive for many people to even consider moving there. That said, if money is definitely important to you when choosing where to live, then these two countries may be ideal, because they have a low cost of living, which means that prices aren’t as high as they would be in the United States or other Western countries.

So, which country tops the list when it comes to being the best country to live in? It’s a close call, but let’s put it down as a close shave. On our list right now, Switzerland just happens to be the best country to live in, but it’s not the only one. In fact, there are several other countries that would work perfectly for you. The trick is trying to figure out which country is best for you, based on your individual goals and needs. For example, you could consider the following factors:

Life Expectancy. You should base your choice on life expectancy. In this ranking, Switzerland comes out on top, because they have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. Life expectancy in many parts of Europe is below that of the United States and other developed countries. But overall, life expectancy in Switzerland is almost eighty years, which is actually higher than in any of the other countries on this list. So, if your life span is important to you, then Switzerland is definitely the best country to live in.

Healthcare. In this category, which we’ll be comparing, we’ll cover the different healthcare systems in various countries around the world. The healthcare system in the United States is fairly efficient – their services ranging from virtual care for people working from home and onsite clinics for field workers (you can check out this informative page to learn more). Although, if your goal is to find a high-quality healthcare system that is also relatively efficient, then you may want to move to a country like Switzerland. They rank second to Australia for overall healthcare, and their life expectancy is much higher than in the United States. To be honest, healthcare systems in all the above-mentioned countries are more than excellent. All the nations seem to focus on the quality of care provided to the patients. Furthermore, they make the patients feel at home during their stay in the hospital. The nations mentioned above happen to have excellent hospitals equipped with all the modern technological gadgets like Hospital room tv, Ambulatory Clinics, and Therapy Chairs. Additionally, citizens belonging to the aforementioned countries appear to get access to an ambulance and emergency care in a blink of an eye.

Cost of Healthcare. The next factor that is equally important as life expectancy and healthcare quality is the cost of healthcare. There are several different ways to measure this, but overall, Switzerland performs well in this area. Because Swiss healthcare costs less than most other countries, it is often considered a high-value country to live in. This is especially true since the Swiss government provides large healthcare assistance for those who cannot afford healthcare themselves.

Personal Freedom. Finally, we’ll take a look at the rankings of how people feel about their personal freedom. Countries that score highly for this include Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia. All of these countries have low rates of crime and extremely high quality healthcare.

These are just some of the factors that can be used to determine which countries to live in. Of course, many factors exist simultaneously, including location, cost of living, safety, personal freedom, economy, healthcare, education and more. However, these are some of the most common elements that rank countries for the different aspects. Other factors that may help you decide to include the following: your work environment, the education system, government support, weather, crime and personal freedom. There are other factors that can impact your decision, as well, but these eight country-attributes considered are extremely important to consider when deciding where to live.

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