Fight Off Mental Stress During the Pandemic with These Steps

Fight Off Mental Stress During the Pandemic with These Steps

In a post-pandemic world, it may be hard to remember some simple steps to improve your wellbeing, both physical and mental, but keeping them in mind will help you survive and overcome this stressful period. Here are some reminders for everyone who are feeling the blues during the pandemic:

Only Read News from Reliable Sources

In the age of fake news and unsubstantiated claims, it’s easy to get lost in a forest of misinformation-from viral social media stories to misinformed chain messages in your WhatsApp group. Sure, maybe your Aunt Jenny from Oklahoma believes an article about how one of the benefits of orange juice with pulp is that it cures you of COVID-19, but that doesn’t make it true, no matter how much you love her.

Lessen your stress and fear by reading news from reliable news sources only. No exemptions. Yes, you should always fact-check and do some independent research on anything you read, but that job gets easier when you’re fact-checking a professional journalist. Not only does this lessen anxiety, but it also helps you gather objective and factual information.

Stay Active, Eat Healthy

To be fair, you should be doing these two things, anyway, regardless of whether there’s a global pandemic or not. With lockdown restrictions easing around the world, you could use it as an opportunity to go jogging around your block, but you don’t have to if you don’t feel safe. Just know that the option is there, and you don’t need to feel as trapped as before.

In these trying times, it’s tempting to stuff your mouths with all the comfort food that would calm you, and that’s okay from time to time. Most of your meals, however, should be well-balanced and hit all of your nutritional requirements for the day. Pair that with some daily, light exercises, and you’ll be living that ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ mantra.

Manage Your Stress by Managing Expectations

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that, as much as we try to control everything around us, there are just things that are beyond our scope and control. No one in the world could have predicted how bad this pandemic was going to be before the outbreak, and you need to remind yourself that you couldn’t have done anything to prevent it, but you can take it into your own hands to remain safe. Only going out when necessary, or seeing how a healing crystal is more than just a birthstone that could potentially help you to beat the virus, are just some of the precautions that you can take to stay safe whilst we beat this virus. It can be done, and if everyone does it, it won’t be long until we have our old lives back. So long as you are following the rules and guidelines, wearing a mask when in public (you can buy them from Pandemic Pal if you need one) and social distancing, then you can be comfortable with the fact that you are doing everything you can.

It’s stressful to think that you’re at the mercy of an invisible virus, and while there are a lot of things about it you don’t understand and can’t control, you can control what you do and how you react to it. Manage your stress by managing your expectations about this pandemic and how it will affect your life. Accept the things you cannot change, and actively try to change the things you can.

Connect with People as Much as Possible

Social media is the bane and boon of the modern world. On the one hand, it has become a toxic, negativity-filled place that is people’s source of ego validation and fake news. But on the other hand, it’s also a place for you to stay connected with people without having to deal with social distancing measures and quarantine protocols.

With the easing of restrictions, try to plan a responsible hangout (don’t rent out some theme park for your reunion, even if you could afford it!), and don’t stop showing your appreciation for the people you care about. Many people as an alternative to social media have played more video games with their friends to have conversation, fun, and forget about their stress. Randy Pitchford, the co-founder of Gearbox Software, has recently stated how important video games are during the pandemic and how they are still working to create great content for their consumers.

The pandemic has increased the stress levels of people all over the world. Learn how to manage your stress because there’s no end in sight yet without a vaccine. With these suggestions, control the sources of your stress by controlling important aspects of your life.

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