Donald Trump Taught Us How (Not) To Wear A Tie.

Donald Trump Taught Us How (Not) To Wear A Tie.

Mr Trump has been the president of the United States for a while now and at times it can be tough to see the good lessons we can learn from him. It may seem surprising to some of you, but there are actually some things we can learn from the man.

How to wear a tie

Firstly, if there’s anything the man can teach the world; it’s how to tie a tie. He wears his ties so consistently terrible that it coherently sets an example for the rest of us on how not to wear them.

He has sparked up a global conversation on why his ties are so wrong and we have all learn from his gigantic mistakes. Here are the things we’ve learnt by doing the polar opposite of what he does:

how long our ties should be

Trumps ties are so long. The fall below his belt and create an odd, out of proportion looking man. From this, we learnt that our tie should end at our belt buckle and most definitely never over hang.

Equally as bad would for our tie to be too short, so we can avoid achieving either affect by standing in a natural position rather than slouching or standing up too tall when we are tying the tie originally.

How wide our ties should be

The ties seen on Donald trump are definitely not right for his body figure. He wears ties that are large, wide and they often swing from side to side sporadically.

In an ideal world, his tie would be structured to suit his body type; his shoulders in particular. If shoulder width is taken into consideration we should be choosing the width of our ties so that they compliment accentuate our body shape.

Slimmer shoulders call for a thinner tie and those with broader shoulders should adjust their tie accordingly.

So now we know the basic rules of tie wearing, let’s make sure we stick to them! For custom ties visit James Morton Ties now.

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