The 4 Great Benefits of Being a Truck Driver in Australia

Many of us go to our jobs every day, but when we go there, we are generally not happy about it. Most of us are stuck in an office all day and if you have a trade, then you are stuck on a building site dealing with the heat or the rain and having to use an outside toilet. There are not many jobs out there that anyone can say they really enjoy doing but there is an exception. This exception is being a truck driver and many truck drivers love their jobs, and for good reason. continue reading


The Benefit of Renting a Car When You Travel

One of the best parts of travelling is seeing the world in a whole new light, finding new ways to see everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s no secret that travelling far and wide reduces your resources for getting around, if you’re flying, you can’t take your car with you and so have to rely on public transport to get around.

That’s why, it may always be a good idea to rent a car when you travel anywhere, it couldn’t be easier to do either with a growing number of companies and travel agents offering packages that include car rental in the price of a holiday. So, next time you’re planning to travel and aren’t taking a road trip straight from your home, consider renting a car or a van for ease of movement and affordability. continue reading


The Importance of Insurance When You Travel

Insurance, ey? Everyone bothers you about it for every aspect of your life: home, car, health, life and travel. It’s the one thing you buy but hope you never have to use, which is a shame, seeing as it costs so much.

However, one of the most inexpensive forms of insurance is travel insurance and it’s one of those things that you absolutely should always buy, even though it isn’t a legal requirement. If the worst were to happen, not having travel insurance can have desperate consequences. continue reading


Why a Boutique Serviced Apartment is Best When You Want Things Quiet

Whether you’re heading on a beach break or taking a cruise, you want your accommodation to be quiet when your head hits the pillow each night, and it’s always nice to have things pleasantly peaceful throughout the day. If you’re looking for accommodation in Bristol, you need to be particularly careful. After all, this is a thriving city, and plenty of areas will be a little noisy, even well into the night. continue reading

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3 Ways to Have Safer Road Trips

One great way to see the world is to do so by car. Taking a road trip often gets you closer to the action than other forms of transportation. Especially if you’re driving the car, you can have complete control over where and when you stop to enjoy attractions or experience certain things along your trip. However, cars can also be dangerous if not operated safely and appropriately. So to help ensure your safety, here are three ways you can have safer road trips in the future. continue reading


Why spend more on a Business Class Ticket?

We’ve all travelled economy but sometimes we all deserve a bit of luxury, be it splashing out on a nice meal, treating ourselves with a bit of shopping, or even travelling in style. In most cases when travelling economy, we have all had one negative thing or another to say about the experience, be it not enough leg room, bad food or being squashed between two people, we have all been there! continue reading


Balancing Work and Play: Why it is Important to Take Some Time for Yourself

For working-class, taking a vacation is never easy. Paid off-days are hardly ever enough to plan a real getaway, and the world always seems like it will end if you step out of the office for more than a few hours. But as studies show, not taking time off can do much more harm than good, not only to your well-being but your productivity as well. continue reading