Best South East Locations to Retire in

Best South East Locations to Retire in

Choosing somewhere to really settle into retirement and let go of many of the stresses life brings always involves a fair bit of consideration. Whether you want to be close to family, not far from well-connected public transport or you simply want to embrace a place with a slower pace of life, the South East is a great opportunity that has plenty to offer in terms of location, price, and amenities. Whether you want to look for a home in places like Brighton, West London, or Surrey, you could look at or similar websites. So if the South looks like a place where you could settle down and enjoy the more relaxing side to life then we’ve got you covered.


If beachy sunsets, morning walks along the promenade, and bringing the kids or grandkids around for ice cream and fish and chips sound like something right up your street, well, it definitely can be! Brighton is a beautiful coastline destination, much loved by holidaymakers but a perfect place to retire too. With everything in walking distance from French Patisseries to the local supermarket, you can leave rushing around behind and pour yourself an ice-cold glass of bubbly while sitting on your balcony in the sun. Served also by a well-connected bus system you can travel from the seaside village of Hove to the thatched cottages and quaint pubs of Falmer all in one day.

West London

If you’re looking to retire from your job but most certainly not in any other aspect and the whole idea of “taking it easy” is simply not you then West London is a great city option. With experienced real estate agents from or similar agencies, you can move to this swanky suburban side of the city with all its high-class terraced avenues and Michelin-star restaurants to sink your teeth into and spend your retirement in style. From Kensington to Hammersmith, West London offers impeccable transport around the city, celebrity run-ins, and a plethora of luscious golf courses. So whether it is the lively lifestyle that appeals to you or the diversity of things to do. West London is a retirement spot that will have you tiring of nothing at all!


Blessed with breathtaking landscapes and gracious rolling hills, Surrey is a haven for blissful walks, charming villages, and your fair share of relaxed, rural nightlife. The Surrey Hills are a feature that simply can’t be overstated and with the miles and miles of walks to be had over the tumbling hills and valleys, if scenery is something you have on your list, then Surrey should certainly be up there. And if you don’t want to completely welcome the countryside calm and need a little more excitement then Kingston-upon-Thames in North Surrey is a great middle ground between the London city buzz and slower Surrey life. Home to Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park, and some scenic Thames-side river walks, you can’t go wrong with a home in Surrey. And what’s more, is that you can get on the property ladder in Kingston-upon-Thames with the Shared Ownership scheme from, making London/Surrey living frightful cheaper than they’re typical reputation.