All You Need to Know About Purchasing a Bike Rack

All You Need to Know About Purchasing a Bike Rack

The first thing to consider when looking for a bike rack, should be the amount of bikes you’ll likely be carrying. As you may have seen on the roads, today’s bike racks come in an array of different sizes and shapes and the most common sizes can be designed to carry as little as one bike, or as many as four.

So, try thinking about how many bikes you will need your rack to hold, and not forgetting that you may even add more bikes sometime in the future.

  • Another thing to consider is that if one rack is not large enough to support every one of your bicycles, you may just be able to fit your vehicle with two.

Think Location  

Also, you will need to think over where exactly you want your bike rack secured to your vehicle. It is possible to mount it on the roof, to the boot or rear door, or even mounted on a trailer hitch. Remember, that’s where you fit your rack is of vital importance.

Bike roof racks have the advantage of being well out of the way and there’s absolutely no concerns with any bikes getting in your line of sight or blocking any access to the boot.

  • The disadvantages to a roof mounted rack are that they require expert installation, and that bikes up on the rack are more difficult to stow and retrieve.

To the Rear

A boot or a rear mounted clip on bike carrier is much easier to make use of, and are certainly affordable. They aren’t difficult to attach with straps and hooks to any car, and can be easily removed when not in use. The disadvantages to a boot mounted rack include access to the boot or rear of the vehicle and a somewhat less durable build.

  • Because they depend on straps and other parts which are not as robust permanent bike racks, they are slightly more susceptible to damage and theft.

Trailer Tailer

Bike racks which attach to the trailer hitch are more than likely be of a sturdy metal build, and can often contain up to four bikes. Obviously, any vehicle must have a trailer hitch so as to make use of one of these, and if the rack is being utilised, you cannot haul a trailer.

  • Racks of this type are usually solid, which is great for durability, but can make them harder to attach, detach, and stow away when not in use.

Get the Best Deal

Just like anything else you are looking at buying, take a look around for a great product at the perfect price and ask the dealer if they have any package deals, mounting instruction, or product warranties.

The addition of a cool bike rack to your vehicle is a wonderful method of taking your bikes with you wherever you wish to go. And that means anywhere!

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