Advice for Creating a Comfortable Working Environment for All

Advice for Creating a Comfortable Working Environment for All

If you are in charge of making sure that people in an office are working the best that they can, then you are also in charge of making sure that you create a comfortable working environment for all of those people. If any one person is uncomfortable, it can ruin the positive energy and synergy in an office. The office manager has a critical job of finding compromises and a range of conditions that work for everyone.

Especially in office working environments, several factors will immediately come into play. You need to figure out the best temperature range to have the office. You need to pay attention to available ergonomics. You need to have soft lighting installed for the type of work being done. And, you need to recognize toxic tendencies that any co-workers may have.

Best Temperature Range

Finding the best temperature range for an office is something of a mystical art. Some studies suggest that men and women have different ideal ranges, and moving too far out of those ranges will create a reduction and efficient work. That’s why you have to determine the makeup of your office from a perspective of Ideal working conditions, and then even potentially move that target range around during the day depending on who is working. Therefore, having a reliable cooling system with good temperature control (like Goodman Air Conditioners) is essential for creating a comfortable working environment.


Then there is the matter of ergonomics. Everyone should be comfortable when they are working, especially if they are sitting in a chair and doing lots of work with a mouse and keyboard all day. When you invest in proper ergonomics, you do have to make sure it’s for an entire range of people though. You can’t just have ergonomics for people who are an average shape and size. You need ergonomics for tall and short people as well. Keeping that in mind, make sure that you check in with your office workers regularly to ensure that their comfort level is being taken care of on an individual level.

Pleasant Lighting

Putting in appropriate office lighting is another big deal if you’re trying to create a great working environment for everyone. Fluorescent lighting may be cheap, but it isn’t necessarily good for your eyes and can give people headaches if they’re under it for too long. Figuring out the best ways to light in and around computer screens and monitors is a huge deal for making sure people stay efficient in their work. Of course, the best lighting is natural and so finding out if there is room to install commercial skylights would be another great option to create a comfortable workspace.

Recognizing Toxic Tendencies

Are you aware of what toxic behaviors are in your workplace? As workplace or office manager, you need to make sure that if any of these behaviors are reported, you do something about it immediately. Especially in today’s office environments, there is no room for any hostility or toxicity between co-workers.

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