3 ways to become a safer driver

3 ways to become a safer driver

There are plenty of us out there who think we are brilliant drivers, but could definitely do with some pointers. If you think you’re a great driver but then end up in an accident that means writing your car off and sending it in to be scrapped and recycled; there are probably a few pieces of advice you need to be taking aboard.

  1. Stick to the speed limits

Reducing you speed immediately makes you a better driver. If you are travelling at the correct speed, you are able to notice hazards and potential dangerous situations before it is too late. If you think back to that collision you had that you thought was someone else’s fault, what speed were you going – could you have contributed to the incident too?

  1. Take an Advanced Driving Test

Taking the second test can not only make you a better driver, but also make you more likely to get a better deal on your car insurance. After all a better driver is less likely to have an accident, so there’s a smaller chance they’ll have to pay out.

  1. Don’t drive tired.

We all know that it’s illegal to drink and drive and incurring DUI is not a good option in any case. This is because alcohol reduces our awareness alongside many other factors that will lead to a potentially fatal incident. Legalities for the same might lead you to get in touch with experienced lawyers from firms like Salwin Law and similar others! That said, driving tired can have the same effect as you are less aware of hazards and potential dangers in and around the road.

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