3 Tips For Visiting A Theme Park With Your Kids For The First Time

3 Tips For Visiting A Theme Park With Your Kids For The First Time

If your family loves thrill rides and seeing scenes and characters from movies or shows you love, taking a family trip to a theme park could be a great way to spend a vacation. But for those who haven’t taken a trip such as this with their family yet, you might feel intimidated by figuring out all the details so that your family can have an unforgettable time. So to help make this whole thing a little bit easier on everyone, here are three tips for visiting a theme park with your kids for the first time.

Know What’s There For Them

Depending on the ages and interests of your kids, different theme parks might be a better or worse fit for your family. For example, Anne Fritz, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, shares that if your kids love going on rides but aren’t quite tall enough to go on the rides they’re most looking forward to, you might want to wait a few years before you visit that specific theme park. So before you settle on which theme park you and your family will choose to visit, make sure you know what that park has to offer to your particular kids and their interests or abilities.

Plan For The Lines

Unless you’re going to a theme park that doesn’t get a lot of visitors or you happen to be going on a day where attendance numbers are low, you and your family are likely going to be spending quite a bit of time standing in lines while at the theme park. While this can make the day drag on, there are things you can do to make this time a bit more enjoyable. According to Marisa Cohen, a contributor to RedbookMag.com, try to hit the more popular rides in the morning when there are less people in the park. Also, plan to bring games or snacks with you so you can have something to help you pass the time while waiting.

Be Ready For A Long Day

Spending a day or more at a theme park can make for some long days that are hard on both your body and your attitudes. To prepare for this, Fran Golden, a contributor to BudgetTravel.com, recommends ensuring that everyone in your family is dressed appropriately to be on their feet all day. Also, bring along anything you or your family might need during the day at the park, including things like bandages, snacks, drinks, wet wipes, sunscreen and more.

If you’ll soon be taking your kids to a theme park for the first time, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make the most of this time.