How to Take the Risk Out of Buying a Used Car

While there is an element of risk in everything we do, buying a second hand car must rank to be up there with extreme sports. If you get it wrong on a skateboard, you are in for some physical pain, while buying a dud second hand car will only hurt your wallet and your pride. There are, however, things one can do to virtually eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of the questionable used car salesman, and if you are about to search for your dream car, here is a very useful guide to safe buying. continue reading


Tips For Breaking Into The Tattoo Industry

Many people who are good at art and drawing find themselves wanting to take their talent to the next level by pursuing a career as a tattoo artist.  As with many careers, tattoo artists find themselves in an industry which has a lot of competition.  In order to be a successful tattoo artist, you will have to get your foot in the door first and foremost. continue reading


Teaching Kids about Sustainable Use of Energy

One of the most important life skills that your kids will learn is sustainable use of energy. Kids must know where their energy comes from and just how much you end up paying for a light left on during the night. The bigger idea of teaching kids about energy savings is to make them understand the basics of finance as well as environmentally safe practices. If our kids cannot differentiate why renewable energy is better than coal based energy, we are doing something wrong as parents. continue reading

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What you should know before taking your new car on a test drive

About to test drive a new car? Then here are a few things you need to know before you get behind the wheel:

What do you want?

First and foremost consider what you want from your new car. Don’t simply wander about the car dealership without having given this prior thought, consider your priorities first.  Is it more important for you to have a high performance car or low insurance costs and good fuel economy? continue reading


How to make meetings more effective?

Business meetings are meant to be a serious and boring affair, especially if your boss talks like a drone. Some people even go to an extent saying that “a meeting is an event in which minutes are kept and hours are lost”.  If you too face this issue, then you need to come up with ways to boost the participation and improve the efficiency of a meeting. Check out how you can energise the meeting rooms in Liverpool with these handy tips: continue reading