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The qualities you should look out for when hiring a bespoke venue

It is one matter to hire a venue for your birthday party, bridal shower, romantic weekend, wedding or even corporate event. However, it is quite another thing to hire a truly bespoke venue – one that lives up to its billing with fastidious attention to detail, a supremely attentive customer service and, of course, plenty of scope for customisation in line with your specific requirements. continue reading


Three Reasons You Should Use Custom Ties for Your Wedding Party

For the bride and her bridesmaids, choosing the perfect dresses is all part of the fun, a time-honoured tradition that usually feels like an important part of the planning process. However, the best man and groomsmen aren’t always shown such attention. Of course, wedding suits will be a given, and you might even think about custom waistcoats, but many soon-to-be-newlyweds forget to consider the tie. continue reading


Where are the most blue badge residents in England?

Volkswagen Motability scheme provider Inchcape Volkswagen has found that the South East of England has the most blue badge residents, following a freedom of information request that it sent out to councils.

The request, sent out on August 15th 2016, revealed that there are an estimated 364,116 blue badges currently in operation throughout the South East. This is considerably more the North West (362,294 active blue badges) and the South West (279,251) of the authorities that provided data for the study. continue reading



Many travelers would be hard-pressed to locate Bulgaria on a map and probably would not include a trip there on their bucket list of destinations. This surprises me because the country is one of the most beautiful in Europe, very affordable, and well worth a visit. While it may be currently off the beaten path, I am sure that one day Bulgaria’s secrets will be revealed, securing it a central place on any travel map. continue reading


Woven vs. Printed Silk Ties: How to Decide

Anyone looking for a tie of the highest quality will be attracted to silk, but there are choices to be made even after the type of fabric has been decided upon. In fact, there are two main types of silk tie. Woven ties are the more traditional choice – they are made from various fibres that are woven together to form a pattern. Printed ties are also made from silk, but all fibres are the same colour and are dyed to achieve a pattern. continue reading